Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Outreach Program


From students:

Montesorri Center School:

"I love science and you guys make it cooler than it already is." - Mitchell

"Thank you so, so, so much!  I am usually not so into science, but now you made it interesting.  I want to learn more." - Hannah

"Thank you so much for letting us come for the Chem Demo.  I thank you so much!" - Oriane

"You guys made me want to take or study science!" - Alexa

From teachers:

"I was especially fascinated by all the experiments we did with liquid
nitrogen and the explorations with water.  I learned a lot of facts and
lost some of the fear I had of doing experiments in my own classroom."
"I hope my children and students get to benefit from your expertise and joy
for science first hand."
                                Maria Garcia-Cacique
                                La Patera Elementary

"The experiments made the concepts more clear to me."
"Tying chemistry into everyday objects makes it less intimidating to those
of us unfamiliar with much of the vocabulary and concepts."
"The questions and the worksheet you give students is a terrific way to
keep them focused and on task.  The open-ended questions would lead into
great investigations. I would like to schedule a time to bring my fifth
grade students to UCSB to experience your enthusiastic demonstrations."
                                Susan Hughes
                                Brandon School

"I think what made your entire presentation so worthwhile was that it
fostered additional QUESTIONING.  It showed how we can take almost any
activity and extend it to allow for more of an investigative attitude."

"I really loved your emphasis on the philosophy that chemistry is a new
"LANGUAGE" to learn, and that the more we expose the students to the
"language," the better off they'll be."
                                Matt Demaria
                                Mesa Elementary Somis, CA

"From the time you gave us, I learned many ideas for implementing science
in my classroom.  I would love for my students to experience what you have
to offer."

                                Michelle Taranto
                                Park Oaks School, Thousand Oaks

"I think that if students saw some of the same activities demonstrated that
we did, it could "hook" them into wanting to know more."
                                Lisa Taylor
                                Los Padres Elementary