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How to Connect to the "ChemBiochemGadget" Wireless Network

The ChemBiochemGadget wireless network is intended for mobile devices like iPads, iPods, iPhones, tablet etc. that require basic internet access behind a firewalled network. No registration of your device is necessary. Users must have an active username/password to use this wireless network.

(If you would like to connect a registered laptop or desktop computer to our "unfiltered" public wireless network, please see our instructions for connecting to the "ChemBiochemSecure" wireless network here.)

Configure your device's wireless adapter with these details:

  • Network/SSID Name: ChemBiochemGadget

  • Security: WPA2 Enterprise

  • Settings: PEAP / MSCHAPv2 / Use System Certificate (Domain:

Use your CHEM-ADS username and password for authentication, and accept the certificate that is presented on your device for security.