Computer Support:  893-7955

All users in Chem should have a Chem-ADS account. If you don't believe you have an account, or cannot remember your password, please send us an email at and we can assist. The Chemistry wireless networks have also seen a name change, as well as a slight tweak in how the networks are split up:

- ChemBiochemGadget: This network is intended to be used on secondary devices, such as phones, tablets, and personal laptops. This network has full access to the internet, but may not be able to connect to other resources on the Chem network such as printers and file shares. ChemBiochemGadget requires no setup, anyone can simply connect to it and use their chem-ads credentials to authenticate.

- ChemBiochemSecure:This network is the wireless equivalent of connecting your computer to the network with an ethernet cable. This network has full access to the internet, as well as all local resources. ChemBiochemSecure does require your computer to be in our wireless network database. Existing devices in the database will continue to work on this network, you will simply need to join the network using your chem-ads credentials. New devices will require an email to to be set up.

- ChemBiochemUCSBNetID: This network allows anybody with a UCSBNetID to have limited wireless network access. This network will allow basic web and email traffic, but may not allow other specialty traffic as well as connections to local resources such as file shares and printers. Once a user is connected to this network, they will reach an authentication webpage where they can log in with a UCSBNetID. We would highly recommend that any user with a Chem-ADS account use either ChemBiochemGadget or ChemBiochemSecure instead of this network.

- ChemBiochemVoucher: This network replaces the existing Chem Wireless Guest voucher system. As with UCAffiliate, this network allows basic web and email traffic but restricts many local and external resources. Access to this network is limited to a seven day period, please contact us if you have a guest that will need access for longer than one week. A guest voucher can be received via our Voucher Request Tool, which requires your full username to authenticate (ex:

If you would like to verify your chem-ads credentials, and "teach" your device the new networks, please swing by our office in PSBN 2618.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach us at, via x7955, or by stopping in to our office in PSBN 2618.