Web Access Instructions

The de

The department provides a basic web space for all account holders as well as Research Groups. Use your favorite web-editing software, then use the following for FTP access:

Quick Instructions:
-host/servername = web.chem.ucsb.edu
-protocol: FTP
-Port: 21
-username = your Chem email username ()
-password = your Chem email password ()
-remote Start Directory = /home/username/public_html


Additionally, LSIT is now providing free web design/Drupal template service for Chem/Biochem Research Groups. These websites are very professional/uniform looking and easy to keep up-to-date using a standard web browser. If you would like their assistance in developing a new Drupal website for your group, please contact Eric Copsey at LSIT - ecopsey@lsit.ucsb.edu for more information.



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