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First, obtain the IP address of your group's printer from Computing Support or a lab colleague.

Windows XP/Vista/7:

• Open Control Panel / Device and Printers• Click Add Printer
• Select Add Local Printer then click Next
• Select create new port, choose Standard TCP/IP from menu, then click Next
• Type static IP assigned to printer in Hostname or IP address field
(port name is automatically IP_128.111.X.X where X is unique IP address)
• Check option to Query Printer and Automatically Select Driver then click Next
• Click Finish in the Completing TCP/IP window
• If driver is not found in list click Have Disk and select Driver when prompted then click OK
• Use default name for printer then click Next
• Select option to Not Share Printer then click Next
• Click Print a Test Page to verify PC will print to printer then click Next
• Click Finish in the Completing add printer window


Mac OS X:

• Open System Preferences
• Select Print/Scan or Print/Fax icon
• Click the '+' button to add a printer
• Choose the 'IP' icon at the top
• Keep "Line Printer Daemon - LPD" selected for Protocol
• Enter the IP address in the "Address" area
• Your Mac will query the printer and automatically select the correct print driver
• Click Add