Network File Storage

The Department has a network storage server on which you can store and backup your files. The purpose of this service is to protect against a loss of files in the event of a catastrophic failure of the hard drive in your computer. This networked file server is backed up every night and we keep one week's worth of backups.


It is not intended to be an archive facility (e.g. when you finish a project and want to store the data permanently.) If you have a need to archive old data please see us for recommendations.

For Mac users:

In Finder, click "Go", then "Connect to Server..."
For Server Address, enter smb://

Type your Chem/Biochem username and password. To remember your login, check "Remember this password in my keychain". Click "Connect." The network drive will mount on your Desktop - depending on your Finder preferences. If not, you may need to configure your Finder preferences to display "connected servers."

To configure Finder preferences to display "connected servers:"

Click on Finder, and go to Preferences. On general tab, check "connected servers" and anything else you want. Close it and you'll see the drive(s) on your desktop.

For Windows users:

Open the Windows menu in bottom left corner, and in the address bar, type \\\username and enter your Chem username and password. You can also Map this Networked Drive for easy access - instructions here