Computer Support:  893-7955

Chem/Biochem IT Accounts

For new faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate students (and visitors/undergrads here more than 6 mos) only - to obtain an account to use Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry network services and use a registered device for wireless access:

1) Submit an account request via DocuSign

If you have a UCSBNetID - you may use our ChemBiochemUCAffiliate wireless network (no registration needed) by using your UCSBNetID.

For Visitors/Guests - to request guest access to the internet using our ChemBiochemVoucher wireless network during your guest's stay, please fill out our Guest Voucher form.

Access Your Email Through the Web

Be sure to log in with your Connect address:

Change your NIS/Samba Password

Chem IT Account Maintenance (on-campus access only)

The Account Maintenance Page allows you to change your Chem/Biochem IT account password. 

Change your Chem Email and Chem-ADS password

LSCG Self Service Tools

Be sure to log in with your full email address as the username. You do not need to be on campus to reset your email and ADS password.

Setting up a Vacation or Away from Office Message

Set up your Email Client

E-mail Program Configuration

Getting Your Computer or Printer on the Wired or Secure Wireless Network

If you are new to the Department and would like to add your computer or a printer to our wired or secure wireless network, please contact us at . We will register your device on our network with a reserved IP address and install the necessary antivirus software to connect to the network.

  • Obtaining Your MAC or Hardware Address
  • In order to register for our wired network or ChemBiochemSecure wireless networks, you will first need to provide us with your MAC or Hardware Address. This page will show you how to locate it..
  • Configuring Your Computer for DHCP Addressing
  • In order to connect to our network you will first need to configure your computer to use DHCP adressing. These pages will show you how.

Connecting Your Computer or Device to our Wireless Networks

Networked Printer Configuration

Web Pages

Campus Calendaring

Information regarding usage of Connect calendaring.

Virus Information

If you receive documents via e-mail, you are especially susceptible to catching computer viruses.  For free anti-virus software, updated virus definitions and information, go to the Virus Page.

Networked File Server

The Department has a networked file server on which you can store your individual files or shared research group files.

Computational Chemistry Lab (CCL)

The Computational Chemistry Lab in Chem 1153 is available for use and is open from 8-5.

IT/Network Recharge

In April 2010, the Chemistry faculty approved a $25/per person monthly charge for each person associated in a research group (Postdoc, Staff, Grad Student or Undergrad in group for more than 6 mos.) This charge is generally paid out of the same funding source as the person's payroll source. Faculty are paid for by the department. Chemistry faculty's research groups that are housed outside of the Chemistry or PSBN buildings are charged a discounted $6/person monthly.

This charge is intended to cover the costs for wired and wireless networking equipment in the Chemistry and PSBN buildings, labor covering support of the network, as well as basic desktop support for users (15-30 minutes). Any labor outside of these areas or limits, is charged to the relevant project/fund at the current hourly rate of $53.26. Chargeable labor includes, but is not limited to: research-related computing, virus/malware cleanup, any work done for dept. shops, web page help for research groups. We generally cannot provide personal/home computing support.


As of Feb. 1, 2013, the UCSB Software Depot is no longer handling routine software orders. Please order all of your software licenses from the our campus reseller, SHI, using the Chem/Biochem Purchasing office (Cabe Fletcher). Please contact us before you try to order any software because we may already have the installation media you need.

Some software is purchased by the department on an annual subscription basis. Again, please contact us about participating in these subscriptions: ChemDraw, Cambridge Structural Database System, Gaussian 09, NI LabView, Origin Lab, Portland Compiler